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I’ve been a full-time freelance Japanese to English translator and reviewer since 2013. I love languages and travel. I lived in Tokyo for 14 years and am now based in Hamilton, Canada. I have excellent research and English writing skills and can assess the appropriate context and tone for your text. I’m accustomed to using many different CAT tools, I know how to format a document in Microsoft Word, and I can usually tell when there’s a typo or an OCR error in the source text. (Machine translation can’t do that!)  I am committed to quality, consistency, teamwork, and client satisfaction.


Experienced in translating and reviewing legal and medical documents

  • Leases

  • User agreements

  • Japanese laws

  • Clinical trial agreements

  • Hospital website content

  • Hospital admission forms


  • Bilingual book for Japanese people to use in explaining various aspects of Japanese culture in English

  • Japanese-English phrasebook (as co-author)

  • Copywriting and transcreation for an online sake magazine, cosmetics, etc.

  • Reports and magazine and newspaper articles on Japan-related topics

  • Proofreading and editing of tour guide training materials, Japanese-English phrasebooks, and other educational materials

  • Promotional materials in a variety of fields, internal corporate documents, and reports, consumer surveys, interviews, educational materials, subtitling

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Ailsa Wylie

​エルサ ワイリー

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