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Ailsa is a trustworthy and reliable business partner. Since being introduced by a mutual friend, we have been most satisfied with the quality of her work. Ailsa pays close attention to the details in order to produce accurate translations. If anything is unclear she helpfully includes a list for us to check. She consistently meets deadlines, and her high level of computer skills, such as Word and Excel, means the documents she provides are always very well-formatted.

Nene Saito

Top Kyushu International Medical Consulting Inc.

Ailsa regularly translated articles, speeches and essays for a monthly English-language magazine. I could count on her for prompt translations that faithfully rendered the meaning of the original text using appropriate and easy-to-understand expressions. If she found a passage unclear or difficult to understand, she would helpfully ask for more information to ensure that the translation would be accurate.

Ryoji Shimada

PHP Institute Inc.

When it comes to copyediting promotional material for popular music, Ailsa is the best. Her experience and expertise turns any English draft into a proper article that would capture the hearts of its readers. With her knowledge in Japanese language, she also does not fail to thoroughly research backgrounds. She herself is an avid music fan, and I can always count on her choice of words.

Yuko Kubota

Freelance Translator (music and cinema)




齋藤 寧々


島田 亮司



久保田 祐子


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